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California Office of Tax Appeals Holds Interested Parties Meeting

The California Office of Tax Appeals (“OTA”) held an interested parties meeting (“IPM”) yesterday morning to discuss the voluminous and substantial proposed amendments to the OTA’s current Rules for Tax Appeals.

As mentioned in our prior update, the OTA’s new proposed revisions to the Rules for Tax Appeals contain several changes detrimental to California taxpayers and infringe upon the principle of fundamental fairness necessary to adjudicate tax appeals.  Interested parties, including Joseph Vinatieri and Benjamin Lee, spoke during the IPM to address the proposed amendments’ harmful impact on taxpayers, which include the OTA’s new proposal to restrict its jurisdiction to determine the validity of a regulation.  In addition, based on our experience with the OTA appeals process, our firm submitted written comments to further highlight issues of concern, and areas where the regulation could be improved (please see link below).

If you have questions about OTA’s new proposed changes to the Rules for Tax Appeals or need assistance with any other tax matter, please get in touch today with our dedicated team of attorneys at Bewley, Lassleben & Miller, LLP.


Bewley Lassleben & Miller Written Comments – OTA Amendments to Rules for Tax Appeals (Submitted – 3.20.23)

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